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Conversational ESL Openings in Hungarian Schools for Fall

The Central European Teaching Program has about a dozen vacancies remaining for a September start, the majority being elementary schools in small communities where you will be welcomed with open arms and hearts. We do have a few openings in larger cities and one Budapest opening to teach upper level math and science to middle grade and high school students. We need 2  ESL teachers for highly academic high schools as well as another high school teacher for ESL as well as Spanish in a wonderful city an easy hour train ride into Budapest. And finally, we are seeking a university teacher who has a background in Applied Linguistics or 2nd Language Acquistion. 

Again, the small communities provide a unique opportunity to experience the rich authentic Hungarian culture. Hungary is the size of Indiana, so you can easily get to Budapest and other towns (and countries) on weekends due to the very efficient public transportation system. And if you wish, you can change schools for the following year as our in-country teachers get first dibs at fall openings.

The Central European Teaching Program is a woman-owned organization gladly accepting men into our teaching family. Established in 1990, we are the oldest and most significant provider of ESL teachers to Hungarian schools. We accept teachers of all ages as long as health and hearing are good. All applicants MUST be native-English speakers or have resided in an English-speaking country for a decade or more, plus be citizens of the US, Canada, the EU or UK, no exceptions.

All placements require a bachelor’s degree as well as TEFL certification.

Most elementary schools are 1st-8th grades, and our church schools do not require you to teach religion, attend services, or even believe. These small parochial schools almost always have extremely kind staff that will be very helpful as you settle in.

Orientation will begin late August in Hungary prior to your teaching stint. Our program fee for the year is $2500 for Budapest placements and other popular locations as well as high schools in all regions of the country, and $1900 for most of our small schools. Please note, due to our agreement with the Hungarian government, your Hungarian income tax is waived, providing our teachers an additional amount of income roughly the equivalent of your program fee.  I assure you these are NOT placement fees. We are a full-service organization offering:

  1. All residence and work documents to live and teach in Hungary
  2. Pick up at airport and transportation to your new Hungarian home
  3. weeklong orientation to include online and in-person sessions in Budapest
  4. National Hungarian teacher’s salary (paid in Hungarian forints and currently equating to roughly $1240 per month.)
  5. As a part of your salary package, you also receive a private fully furnished apartment with utilities paid
  6. Hungarian government medical coverage
  7. 24/7 service of our experienced kind, attentive Hungarian director, Hajni Vancsik
  8. Facebook group for teaching tips, travel and assurances
  9. Salary, apartment and paid utilities through summer months without need to teach if remaining in same placement for the following year/s

To apply for this job email your details to mary.cetp@gmail.com