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Joy School was founded in Taiwan over 43 years ago and now has over 100,000 students across China. All Joy schools teach a standard curriculum using Joy’s own system of books and learning tools. The unique style of learning and teaching is based on the idea and
motto that ‘Learning is Fun’.

We take the leading position in the market of Daqing and there are 7 Joys here and over 3000 students. All 7 branches are run as one collective unit with a central office which manages all branches.

Joy is a Children’s English Language school, so our students are highly motivated to improve their English above the standard that regular public schools can offer. Our students range from 4-14 years old. Our class sizes are 15-30 students maximum, are high energy and always involve fun practice activities and games. All foreign teachers work with a Chinese co teacher who re-mains in the class with you at all times.
We also provide:
 Airport pick up. Airfare reimbursement,after the completion of the contract
 Working Z visa, Resident Permit and Foreign Experts Certificate
Free emergency medical and accident insurance.
Daqing is a thriving modern city which has benefited from a recent boom, due to discovery of the largest oil reserves in China. The city is extremely clean and isn’t crowded like other major cities, as the city’s infrastructure has developed more quickly than the population has expanded (a very rare thing in China). The city of Daqing has an extremely low cost of living (especially when compared to
Bei-jing, Shanghai, or southern China) so it is very easy to save a lot of your salary for travel-ling, sending home, or building savings. It is easy to live well on half your salary or less, leaving the rest for travel, fun, or savings. Daqing is a short bus or train ride from Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China; The region is the heart of historic Manchuria, birthplace of both the Man-chu culture and the Mandarin language. The most standard form of Mandarin is spoken in
Heilongjiang Province, so it’s the perfect place to study Chinese .
The climate in Daqing is similar to most major Canadian cities, with a hot summer, mild spring and fall and a cold winter. There are countless op-portunities for winter sports, with high quality ski resorts throughout the area. Daqing is also surrounded by volcanic hot springs, dormant volcanoes, and lava fields where popular spas are built. The countryside outside the city is dominated by superb natural wetlands, rivers with opportunities for rafting, large lakes and forests. Daqing is also a short journey from a large Mongolian autonomous region, where
tradi-tional Mongolian culture is kept alive, with expansive grasslands, yurt camps and the chance to experience the Mongolian way of life first hand. Nearby Harbin boasts the world famous Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, with colossal ice sculptures throughout the city, skating, ice slides, and sledding

To apply for this job email your details to zhanglei2020@ytu.edu.cn