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Fully Accredited Online TEFL Course

60 Hour Teach English Online Certification


Created and supported by real teachers in order to provide you with the skills needed to succeed in an online classroom.


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Every TEFL Hero course is fully accredited and valid anywhere in the world.

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Get access to your TEFL certificate as soon as you complete the final assessment.

what our students say

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking for an easy to use platform with a ton of useful material - well worth the money and the support has been great!
This was a great option for me - killer deal and exactly what I needed to get my current job. Interface was easy to use and I got my digital certificate immediately which was nice.
The thing I loved most about this couse were the visuals - there is a lot of reading and I really appreciated the examples of lesson plans, worksheets, etc, to help reinforce everything.

what will you be able to do?

Succeed as an online teacher

This course will show you how to build and deliver online lessons, introduce vocabulary and grammar concepts, and correct mistakes - all online.

manage an online classroom

Engaging students and building raport is important for every teacher - this course will show you how to approach it in an online environment.

prevent and fix technical issues

Addressing potential technical issues before they can impact a class will save both you and your students from undue stress.

A License to Teach online

This teach online course is endorsed by our partner, Accreditat, and is designed to certify you as an online ESL teacher.  Interested in teaching Korean students online?  This course will look great on your resume.  What about teaching adults online?  This course can prepare you for that, too!

Here's what you'll learn


We’ll explore the current landscape of online teaching, review the pros and cons of online learning, and set the ground work for understanding the motivations of your students. 

This module is all about what to expect from online schools and teaching posistions.  You’ll learn about the interview process, general contract requirements, and common class types and students.

In module 3, you’ll learn how to set yourself up for success as an online teacher.  We’ll go over traits that will make you an effective teacher, including how to approach speaking, listening, and practice in an online environment.

The focus of module 4 is on how to engage your online students.  You’ll learn how to use props, worksheets, and other online tools to teach and reinforce English concepts.

In module 5, you’ll explore how best to actually work with and engage your students.  While some schools will provide their own platforms, others may not – this part of the course will introduce you to available platforms as well as prepare you for how to utilize them.

This module is all about the tools and technology you’ll rely on as an online teacher.  It covers both the tools you can use to improve your lessons as well as what to do if you experience any issues or glitches during a class.

Module 7 is about building a positive relationship with your students in an online environment.  It will cover building rapport, driving engagement, and how to approach teaching methods like reinforcing vocabulary. 

how does this 60 Hour tefl compare to Our other courses?

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Get immediate access to a globally-recognized and fully accredited TEFL certificate as soon as you complete the course.

one certificate to rule them all

meet your instructors & course creators

Kristine has 5+ years of experience teaching English in international schools, training centers, and online.  Currently in China, she’s the Head Tutor for TEFL Hero and will be assisting you throughout the course!

Ryan is a fully licensed teacher currently working in an international school in China.  He previously taught in South Korea and is responsible for a lot of the curriculum within this course.

Quincy is a former teacher with experience in China and South Korea.  He currently oversees support and operations for TEFL Hero and you will also see his face in a few course videos.

Course creators

start your Online teaching journey now!

This online TEFL course was designed to provide anyone with the skills needed to start their online teaching career.  Not only will you learn what to expect from online schools and students, you’ll build a foundation to manage an online classroom and deliver lessons effectively!  


At the moment, none of the TEFL Hero courses offer a job guarantee.  In our 60-hour Teach English Online course, we do our best to prepare you for your job search and interviews, but the responsibility of finding a job rests on the student.

This is completely up to you!  This is a detailed course designed to bring you up to speed on both landing a job and performing well as an online English teacher.  That said, most students complete the full course + examinations within a few weeks.

 Everyone learns at their own pace, but rest assured, there is no time limit to finish the course and you will have lifetime access to this course and any course updates. 

Students retain lifetime access to all TEFL Hero courses – you’re welcome to come back and review a lesson anytime in the future!

The TEFL industry is a growing and changing environment, so you will also have access to any course updates that we make after you completed it. 

In order to gauge progress, students must pass a quiz at the end of each course section to move onto new content.  Each quiz has 10 multiple choice questions and you must earn at least 70% to pass.  You have as many opportunities as needed to pass this quiz. 

At the end of the course, students must pass a 20-question multiple-choice examination with at least 70% in order to earn their Teach English Online certificate.

Once you pass your final examination, you will receive a digital copy of your TEFL certificate immediately. From there, you may print out your TEFL certificate from anywhere in the world! For a more formal touch, we recommend printing onto a quality cardstock paper. 

This certificate will always be accessible via your account page.

The only requirements are that students (1) are older than 16 years of age and (2) have a reasonable competence in English language reading, writing and speaking skills.