How to Get a TEFL Certification Online in 2023 [4 Easy Steps]

How to get a tefl certification online

Here, we’ll introduce you to a key credential in the ESL industry called TEFL, why it’s a must-have for any aspiring teacher, and how to get tefl certification online. What is a TEFL Certification? TEFL certification is the top credential for new ESL teachers. When you earn a TEFL, you demonstrate to employers that you […]

How to Teach English in Mexico: Beginner’s Guide

teaching english in mexico

Let’s take a virtual journey south of the border to one of the hottest ESL destinations in the Western hemisphere: Mexico. Thousands of foreigners, most from the US and Canada, relocate to teach English in Mexico each year. Here’s why you might consider following suit. ¡Buen viaje! (“Have a good trip!”) Why teach English in […]

How to Teach English to Spanish Speakers [15 Tips]

teaching english to spanish speakers

Are you looking to go to a Spanish-speaking country to teach English? Perhaps you have your mind set on teaching English in Spain? Teaching English abroad is a great way to travel at the same time as you are sharing your knowledge and giving back to the community.  English and Spanish are some of the […]

How to Teach English in Costa Rica: Beginner’s Guide

costa rica beaches

If you think you’d potentially like to teach English in Costa Rica, an exquisite tropical nirvana, as a foreign ESL (English as a second language) instructor, consider this your one-stop guide for everything from cost of living to teacher requirements to how to get hired ASAP. Playa Chiquita, a beach close to Puerto Viejo Why […]

7 Best Places to Teach English in Asia & How to Get Started in 2023


In the aggregate, millions of teachers from the West have ventured abroad to teach English in Asia, from the Philippines to Thailand to South Korea and elsewhere. Let’s explore the 7 best places to teach English in Asia and how you can get in on the action in . Highlights of TEFL in Asia The […]

22 Places to Teach English Online with No Degree (up to $35/hr) 2023

teach english online no degree

There are a variety of ways to teach English online with no degree. Many ESL companies will hire English teachers without a teaching degree or prior experience. Simply by getting a TEFL certification, you’ll be able to unlock tons of job opportunities, even if you’ve never been to college or are currently in college yourself.  […]

16 Best Places to Teach English Online to Korean Students (Up to $26/hr)

There are multiple companies set up to help you teach English online to Korean students. Different schools will have different requirements and rates of pay. The best one for you may vary depending on your circumstances, but we offered our own rating which can be helpful when making your ultimate decision. Our top recommendation is […]

Teach English in China: A How-To Guide 2023

teach english in china

Why should you teach English in China? Well, few countries have the high salaries, ultra-modern mega cities, and relatively convenient lifestyle that you can expect living in China. And for those trying to brush up on their Mandarin skills, this is just icing on the cake! So let’s break down some of the requirements to […]

15 Best Places for Teaching English Online to Japanese Students ($25/hr!)

teaching english online to japanese students

There are many resources available if you want to begin teaching English online to Japanese students. Choosing the right one will depend on your available hours, experience, and desired rate of pay. Companies with more stringent requirements tend to have higher pay rates. These are some of the top options to teach English online to […]

21 Best Companies to Teach English Online to Chinese Students in 2023

teach online to chinese students

There’s a huge demand for people qualified to teach English online to Chinese students. Many Chinese people choose to study English for business-related or social purposes. Even if you don’t speak Chinese yourself, there are many resources available to teach Chinese kids English through the internet. *Disclaimer: the online ESL landscape in China is changing […]