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uuabc review

UUABC Review 2024: No TEFL Required but Mixed Teacher Reviews

In the world of online teaching, UUABC is pretty close to an unknown.  Founded sometime in the past 3 years (seriously, we looked but couldn’t find much), the company fits the traditional mold of hiring foreign teachers for Chinese students while offering competitive pay and bonuses.

In this UUABC review, we’ll attempt to parse all available information to help you decide if the company is worth your time.

Let’s get into it!

UUABC Requirements: What Do they Ask of Their Teachers? 

If you rely solely on the UUABC website then you’ll notice they don’t exactly state their teaching requirements openly:

uuabc requirements

However, we did manage to find an actual job posting that goes into a bit more detail:

uuabc requirements

 Unsurprisingly, they require the boilerplate online teaching requirements:

  • Native accent
  • Degree
  • Experience with children
  • 120 hour TEFL preferred

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However, if you read into the UUABC requirements a bit further, you’ll notice one big thing missing: nationality and native speaking ability.

All UUABC requires is a native accent, and while we can’t say with absolute certainty in this UUABC review, this could be good news for teachers who aren’t from one of the traditional native English speaking countries but still possesses a fluent accent.

What about Technical Requirements for UUABC?

The jury is still out on this as well – the job posting states that you need access to any type of computer with a stable internet connection but details like minimum internet speeds and computer specs are missing.  If you’re saddled with an older computer or unreliable wifi, make sure to ask for specifics in your interview so you’re not caught off guard!

UUABC Pay: What Can Teachers Make?

While the company isn’t clear on what teachers can expect to earn with UUABC, we were able to find a salary range on Glassdoor to share for this UUABC review:

uuabc pay

UUABC teachers can expect to earn between $15-$25 an hour with the job posting implying that bonuses are included in this.  If you read between the lines, it would appear that UUABC is following the tried-and-true method of offering a base salary + incentives for quality teachers – while $25/hr is nothing to shake your head at, you will likely have to work hard to get to that level.

uuabc bonus

What Are UUABC Classes Like?

Oftentimes, we get a little caught up on things like technical requirements and hourly rate without thinking of whether we’d actually enjoy the classes. So, what is teaching for UUABC really like? 

UUABC classes are 30 minutes each with up to 4 students per class.  Teachers may also book 1 on 1s at the same pay rate.  At a minimum, teachers are expected to work 4 hours per week, and given that this company focuses on Chinese students, you can assume you will need to work peak hours during Chinese mornings and evenings (convert your time zone here).

The company provides their own courseware and lesson plans, which is a big plus, but still expects teachers to review the material before classes (pretty standard across online teaching companies).  Expect this to decrease your pay rate in the beginning as you become familiar with the curriculum and then taper off as your experience grows and you need to spend less time reviewing the lesson material. 

According to a few UUABC reviews from teachers (more on this below), the company seems to rely upon an unstable learning management system to deliver their lessons:

uuabc platform

These issues might also stem from an unstable internet connection or other factors beyond UUABC’s control, but it’s worth mentioning, as teachers will be heavily reliant on the platform to give lessons.

UUABC Reviews

Like most online teaching companies, UUABC reviews from teachers are mixed.

Some teachers couldn’t be happier with the company:

uuabc review

While others in their UUABC reviews complained about the lack of support, critical HR, and unfair penalties:

uuabc review

We did identify one trend when it came to UUABC reviews: a lack of students:

uuabc review

This complaint is echoed on both Reddit and Glassdoor and seems to stem from some change that happened to the company in 2019.  There isn’t much information available, but our advice is to not put all your eggs in one basket and make sure to ask about booking rates during your interview. While applying, you could also consider applying to any of these other 21 recommended companies to teach English online to Chinese students

UUABC Interview Process: Getting Hired

Interviewing with UUABC is pretty straightforward:

  • Submit your CV with Skype ID
  • Have an initial interview
  • Give a mock class

Our research shows that as long as you meet all the core requirements, it should be pretty easy to get at least a Skype interview.  However, after that, reports are spotty with many applicants not hearing back from the company or not receiving an offer.

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If you read this UUABC review and you’re still interested in teaching for them, you can apply to UUABC here – good luck and please let us know how it goes! The more insight we have from teachers like you can help us make the best possible recommendation for online teaching companies.

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