VIPKID Hiring Process: What to Expect

VIPKID Hiring Process: What to Expect in In this thorough overview of the VIPKid hiring process, we’ll explore each step of the VIPKid application process and offer powerful tips for success. Teachers who work with VIPKid have great things to say, generally, about their experience with the company (it has amassed a respectable 4.1/5-star rating […]

5 Tips to Ace Your VIPKID Interview & Get Hired

VIPKid – one of the best companies to teach English online to Chinese students – has a relatively arduous interview process to complement its sterling reputation in the ESL industry. Here, we’ll offer a handful of actionable tips to help you shine in your VIPKid interview and land the job. VIPKID Interview Process Before we […]

5 Tips to Pass Your VIPKID Demo Lesson on the First Try

vipkid demo lesson

Ask any ESL teacher about the most nerve-wracking aspect of the VIPKid hiring process (whether online or in-person) and the answer will likely be: the “demo lesson.” The VIPKid demo lesson(s) can seem intimidating to applicants – but, if you follow the tips we lay out here, you’ll be in an excellent position to ace […]

English Hunt Review – Should You Work Here?

English Hunt Review

English Hunt is a Korean ESL company that has various divisions serving multiple countries, including a US-to-Japan digital ESL program (called the SRJ Program) that connects Japanese students (mostly primary-to-middle-school age) with US-based teachers. As we will explore in this English Hunt review, the platform operates in unique ways that set it apart from competitors […]

Eigox Review – Who Should Work Here?

eigox reviews

Eigox is a low to mid-range (in terms of pay) online ESL platform serving primarily Japanese learners. In this Eigox review, we’ll take a deep dive into the Eigox teaching experience, Eigox pay, and Eigox reviews from real teachers regarding their past experiences working with the company. Given its relatively lax requirements, this platform is […]

EnglishEverywhere Review: Minimal Requirements & Above Average Pay

EnglishEverywhere is a well-established online teaching provider (since 2008) with the goal of connecting Japanese students with native-level English teachers around the globe. Although the Chinese market currently dominates the online English-teaching industry due to high demand and a national drive to develop English skills among the population, many teachers are happy to discover Japan […]

Okpanda Review: Low Pay but Room for Professional Growth

Okpanda connects adult learners (primarily Japanese) with English instructors around the world. The company boasts over one million students and while it’s impossible to verify, there do seem to be a lot of adult students learning English using Okpanda In this Okpanda review, we will dive into the details of working for Okpanda, including the […]

Cafetalk Review: Teach What You Want & Set Your Own Hours

cafetalk review

Among the many options for lucrative ESL (English as a second language) work, Cafetalk is a solid platform that prospective online teachers should consider. This Cafetalk review will serve as your go-to guide for everything related to the platform, the teaching experience, and what might attract a teacher like you to work with the company. […]

Lyngo Review: A Great Option for Beginner Teachers


In this Lyngo review, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of signing up to teach with this online ESL company, explore the application and interview process, and cover the requirements for teachers. Lyngo is a Japanese online education company founded in 2012 with an emphasis on delivering English as a second language (ESL) for Japanese […]

CELTA vs TEFL: Costs, Requirements, & Career Options

celta vs tefl

Confusion over two common types of English-teaching certification — CELTA vs TEFL — is common and entirely understandable. The rapidly evolving industry of the specialized type of language instruction known as “English as a second language” – itself often acronymized as “ESL” – is full of jargon and terminologies that are likely to be intimidating […]