How to Get TEFL Certification in 5 Steps – Online or In-Person 2022

how to get tefl certification

If you’re eager to break into the international English as a second language (ESL) game – whether your preferred employment destination is South America, Asia, or Europe – you’ll want to read this comprehensive article with step-by-step instructions on how to get TEFL certification – a must-have for any up-and-coming teacher. Increasingly competitive online ESL […]

5 Places to Get Your TEFL Certification in Portland

tefl certification in portland

Portland, Oregon – AKA The City of Roses –  offers budding ESL teachers a handful of options to get fully certified to teach English as a foreign language (often acronymized in industry jargon to “TEFL”). If you’re in the Pacific Northwest and are considering getting a valuable TEFL certification in Portland to jumpstart your ESL […]

Teach English in Poland: Requirements, Jobs, and Living in Poland

teach english in polsand

For young ESL professionals looking to teach English in Poland, this flowering EU bloc, post-Soviet gem offers multiple benefits to attract new residents. Let’s get into the benefits of teaching English in Poland, what the experience is like for ESL teachers, and what you can expect salary-wise. About Teaching English in Poland Located right in […]

Teach English in Portugal: How to Get a Job

teach english in portugal

If you’ve got a burning desire to teach English in Portugal, or just want a feel for what it’s like, here’s all you need to know about living and working in arguably the most exotic locale in Western Europe. About Teaching English in Portugal Thanks to its glistening beaches, its relatively warm Mediterranean climate, and […]

Teach English in France: How to Get a Job This Year

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Does the thought of journeying abroad to teach English in France — arguably the single nation that provokes the greatest romantic fantasy in the foreign imagination – tickle your fancy and stir your wanderlust? If that’s so, and teaching English in France as an ESL instructor is on your bucket list, here’s everything you need […]

Teaching English in Spain: How to Get Started

teaching english in spain

Teaching English in Spain has been a life-changing experience for thousands of teachers who have taken the leap. New and experienced ESL teachers alike who consider cruzando el charco – a Spanish phrase meaning “crossing the puddle,” in reference to transatlantic travel — have questions about the Spanish ESL work life. We’ve got answers.   About […]

CELTA vs TEFL: Costs, Requirements, & Career Options

celta vs tefl

Confusion over two common types of English-teaching certification — CELTA vs TEFL — is common and entirely understandable. The rapidly evolving industry of the specialized type of language instruction known as “English as a second language” – itself often acronymized as “ESL” – is full of jargon and terminologies that are likely to be intimidating […]

Teaching English in Italy: How to Get a Job

teach in italy

So you’re ready to jet-set to the land of the ancient Romans for gainful employment teaching English in Italy – but you’re not sure of the best strategy. Here’s how to do it right. About Teaching English in Italy As far as richness of culture and history goes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a superior […]

How Much Does a TESOL Certification Cost? [GUIDE TO TEFL/TESOL 2022]

tesol certification cost

For nearly all purposes, an affordable 120-hour TESOL course in the $200-$300 price range is sufficient for most ESL jobs. Some students looking for a more robust TESOL certificate of 150+ hours or university-level will see fees raise significantly, with the average online TESOL certification cost between $400-$2,500.  TESOL, which stands for “teaching English as […]

Teach English in Germany: How to Get a Job in 2022

teach english in germany

As the Germans say, “aller Anfang ist schwer.” (“every beginning is hard.”) If you’re vexed as to where to start in your journey to teach English in Germany, we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore how to start teaching in Germany — at a reputable school. in your dream city (or village), making a top-rate salary. […]